10 Facts You Should Know About Tiktok Star Sienna Mae Gomez

Get to know the TikTok star here, from her age and height to everything else.

10 Facts You Should Know About Tiktok Star Sienna Mae Gomez

1. Who is Sienna Mae Gomez?

Get the latest news on popular Instagram star, Sienna Gomez right here. Sienna Mae Gomez is best known for being a TikTok star with over 14 million followers; she’s also one of the famous faces in Hype House, which released its trailers recently…

2. How old is Sienna Mae Gomez?

If you were wondering how old Sienna is, we have the answer for you. Sienna Mae Gomez was born January 16th, 2004, making her 17 years old this year. She was also a Capricorn!

3. How tall is Sienna Mae Gomez?

Sienna Mae Gomez has confirmed that she is 5ft 4 inches tall on her official YouTube channel. Her height was found during a Q&A quiz video.

4. Where is Sienna Mae Gomez from?

Sienna Mae Gomez is an American TikToker, who is of Mexican and Russian heritage. Sienna was born in Laguna Niguel, California to Ramon and Dina Gomez. In a YouTube Q&A, Sienna revealed that her father’s side of the family is Mexican and her mother is of Russian descent.

5. What is Sienna Mae Gomez’s star sign?

Thanks to Sienna Mae Gomez’ mid-January birthday, her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Capricorns are known for their resilience and practicality, but also have kinds of family ties.

6. Is Sienna Mae Gomez on Instagram?

If you want to see Sienna on Instagram, visit her over at @siennamae. There’s a variety of content from the TikTok star’s life, including photoshoots and selfies, snaps with fans, life updates and stories cover various issues. Sienna has over 2.6 million followers across her profile.

7. Who are Sienna Mae Gomez’s parents?

Sienna Mae Gomez’s parents are Ramon M Gomez and Dina Gomez. Sienna’s parents both have usernames on TikTok and sometimes appear in Sienna’s videos alongside her siblings.

8. Who are Sienna Mae Gomez’s siblings?

Sienna Mae Gomez has two brothers and one sister who are often seen in her content. Jacub Gomez is her older brother and a filmmaker, while Micaela Gomez is her older sister, who often appears with Sienna in YouTube videos.

9. How did Sienna Mae Gomez go viral on TikTok?

Sienna Mae Gomez joined TikTok in August of 2020 and first went viral a few months later with a video of herself dancing in her @spicylatina account. In addition, she became known as the CEO of the Sienna Squirrel Dance. Over the past year on TikTok, she’s gained more than 14 million followers thanks to her friendship with school friend Jack Wright. You can follow her at @siennamae.

10. What is Sienna Mae Gomez’s net worth?

Sienna Mae Gomez’s exact net worth is not known at this time. But, considering her freshness on the platform, it is likely that Sienna earns between $24,000 and $35,000 for each sponsored post. In addition to featuring in Netflix Hype House series, she’ll also no doubt be up for more highly-paying features on her own.


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